BDP Technosoft has a strong consulting practice, domain knowledge, to provide its customers the lowest possible TCO (total cost of ownership) without sacrificing the product quality. Supported by its strong technical team, BDP Technosoft has the technical capability and domain knowledge to quickly turn ideas into products with less time to market.

Since inception, we have focused on providing full life cycle product Engineering services to our clients; right from Requirement gathering, architecture and design, development, testing, to product sustenance services. We understand that the normal waterfall software development model was simply not built for the demanding needs of product engineering. That is why we use an iterative approach and deploy agile methodologies to get you the first prototype, even while we are building the specification. So that you can experience it, see it and tell us what you think. Or still better take it to your customers and tell us what they think!

Our clients in Product Engineering range across different verticals and geographies.