BDP Technosoftoffers a unique business model where our clients can build a technical team here with us (like an extended arm/team of your own on-site team). BDP Technosoftprovides them with the required resources that fit to their requirements. We build a core technical team that will managerially report to BDP Technosoftand Functionally to the Client. The client will reap the advantages of the two best worlds "Time and Material" and "Fixed price" by having an extended team of their own at low operational costs.

This is a Business model called "Captive Offshore Team"(henceforth referred to as COT in the document).

The following are the steps that are involved in this model

Core Team Building

BDP Technosoftwill build a core team comprising of at least two people for the Client. This core team will remain largely undisturbed as long as the client is with Splendid pixels.

Knowledge Transfer

A series of sessions and communication between the Clients on-site technical team and Splendid pixels's COT to understand the various aspects of the client. (Business, Culture, requirements, technologies, etc..)

Operate & Run

Once the COT is done with the knowledge transfer BDP Technosoftwill start immediately with the operations. The goal is to seamlessly integrate the Splendid pixels's COT with the client's Technical team, and hence over a short time become the extended arm of the client's IT team. This integration will not only add value to client's operations in a short time period but also the COT will effectively become a integral part of our Client's business.

Add-On or Re-Allocate resources

Depending on the requirements our Client can add-on or re-allocate resources to the core COT.Addition of resources can be done with a short notice of at least 2 weeks. The Client can also reallocate resources with a 30 day prior intimation. The 30 day prior intimation is in order to protect the best interests of both the client and the employee.