With iPhone becoming more and more popular and one of the fastest growing smartphone platform on the market today, it is very important that your business is on your customers fingertips. iPhone has provided new marketing opportunities; this creates a strong interest in iPhone Application Development. For companies looking to take advantage of the new opportunities created by iPhone, it is worthwhile considering iPhone development.

The team at BDP Technosoft has a unique combination of technical expertise, functional knowledge base, result oriented management and extensive experience.

Technology used by BDP TechnosoftSolutions for iPhone application development

The iPhone development team at BDP Technosoftuse objective C programming language with COCOA (object-oriented application program for the Mac OS X operating system). We also use MAC OS X systems and Xcode IDE to develop the applications.

Our core capabilities include

  • Development of applications right from scratch to App Store submission with a close interactions with the clients
  • iPhone SDK including OS 3.0 and OS 4.0 features
  • iPhone Applications dependent on Accelerometer, GPS, mapping location services and database integration
  • Push notifications and in-app purchasing (mobile-commerce)
  • Streaming audio and video
  • Content Management System

Why choose BDP TechnosoftSolutions?

Team at BDP Technosoftalways follow the latest innovations in the iPhone Application development market. Being one of the market leading iPhone solution providers, we keep our knowledge and skills updated that help us deliver innovative and variety of applications in different business solution domains.