BDP Technosoft Solutions is an Innovative, Leading IT Solutions Provider. We are proud of our rapidly expanding global presence and hard working reputation as an industry leader offering exemplary best -in-class services to our Fortune 1000 clients in the Integrated Health, Insurance, and Manufacturing and Automotive domains.

With precision focus and rock- solid commitment founded on a combination of extensive knowledge and expert experience, our uniquely customized solutions are vertically integrated and delivered through a client intensive relationship based on a worldwide delivery model.

Our goal is to set and meet the highest standards of excellence in actualizing client service expectations with every project we undertake or product we develop.

Our commitment is to engineer solutions guaranteed to yield optimum returns on your valuable investments.

Why BDP Technosoft?

The answer is simple.

Many companies boast multiple BPO and IT service offerings but upon closer inspection, few present the extensive range of truly customized solutions based on experience backed by solid credentials that we do.

Certifications: BDP Technosoft is ISO 27001 certified AND fully HIPAA compliant.

Our expertise is vast and our talented teams rigorously trained to cater to the highest expectations and standards of our BPO and IT Industry clients. We are sincerely committed to building lasting,long term relationships focusing foremost on total client satisfaction. We achieve this in four ways for you:
  • Competitive pricing
  • Accurate project estimates
  • Perfect work quality
  • Punctual delivery schedules
BDP Technosoft mature and established service delivery setup is designed to help clients pilot and steady state processes with the focus firmly on metric driven outcomes that exceed their customer SLAs.